Repton arrival times etc.

You will have been notified by Richard Tomlinson as to whether you are swimming or not this weekend.

If you have not been told that you are swimming please do not just turn up as we are limited to numbers and cannot accept anyone who just turns up.

If you are unsure check with Richard Tomlinson.

Please ensure you have completed the health check forms that have been blogged earlier, if these are not completed we cannot let you into the pool

Upon arrival, the swimmers will be met by Claire Cotton and Emma Miller.

The swimmers will line up in their lanes socially distanced outside of the building by the carpark. Two lanes of swimmers at a time will be escorted to the pool by Claire and/or Emma. The swimmer must be beach ready.

They need a water bottle and their kick board and pull buoy (do not bring this in your kit bag but carry them separately). Ensure kit is clearly labelled

Ensure your goggles fit you properly before you step foot in the pool, time cannot be spent hanging around the pool adjusting them.

Where possible ensure you have used the toilet before arriving at the pool.

£5 needs to be paid at the carpark before the swimmers enter. We require the correct money as this will be given into an envelope to reduce the handling of money (no change will be given no carry overs for other sessions).

Please listen to and read all advice as it is for your safety.

We look forward to seeing you in water!

Repton Swimming Important Information Please read

Please find attached Repton Pool Guidelines.

Can you please carefully read through the points and we ask that you also run through them with your swimmer.

A key area to discuss is how limited time they will have in the changing rooms. Many pool and centres aren’t allowing changing room use at all. Repton have kindly organised that for us, but it is for changing only – 5 minutes in and out please! I know the swimmers miss their social time, but we can’t stress enough how essential it is that they avoid spending long periods of time in the changing rooms. If you’d prefer your child to simply towel down poolside and leave, then that’s ok too.

Thank you for your support and please look out for groupings and groups leader’s details, to ensure swimmers are socially distanced on arrival.

Thank you all and you’ll be glad to know I’m off on holiday and will leave you all alone on form filling and reading of information – enjoy Lisa

Important announcement for all swimmers !!!!

Hi all,

I hope you’re all well and super excited about some pool time!

Please find a link to a new declaration form that must be complete electronically if your swimmer is attending land training (Junior Elite & National Squads only) or the new planned swimming sessions at Repton for Junior Elite, National, Masters and Midland Potential.

Even if your swimmer is yet to return it’s important to note some key points that are included in the declaration ahead of your return – please see extract below:

  1. for any future training session the swimmer will only attend in the full knowledge that they are free from any Covid-19 symptoms.  In addition and by signing this declaration I confirm that if at any point they display symptoms they will not attend training for a period of at least 14 days and follow government guidance to self-isolate.
  • if the swimmer has recently been out of the country and travelled to areas that are exempt from the travel corridor that they will also self-isolate for a period of 14 days.
  • If the swimmer has travelled to a UK locked down area they will self-isolate for a period of 14 days.
  • If the swimmer is car sharing with none family members they will not travel with any more than two swimmers in the car and will wear face coverings to minimise the risk of infection (please note this is an update on Richard’s last message)
  • The swimmer is returning to training knowing that their participation cannot be without risk and I am therefore aware of the risks associated with the Covid-19 virus, but still wish for them to participate in club training.

Thank you all for your help and support to keep everyone safe.

The Ilkeston Covid team😊

STILL No Pool Training…

Although pools can reopen from the 25th July, it is down to the pool operators to decide on a date that they can support and, at this stage, we have been advised that it may be September for the VPLC pool.  We have a meeting next week, with the Legacy Leisure General Manager, to discuss our return to the pool with respect to a possible date and the COVID guidance/rules that will need to be in place.
Club membership, due on the 1st of August, will remain at £10 per swimmer.
Once again, many thanks for your continuing support.
ISC Exec Committee

Return to the Pool Update:

The Government has confirmed the 25th July for indoor pools to start re-opening. Since this announcement, VPLC has advised that they will be in touch soon to discuss how and when the Club can get back to training. First they need staff off furlough and a start to preparing the centre. However, in line with Swim England requirements and for the Club to return to training, we need 2 volunteers to be COVID Squad Officers for:
Midland Potential and Masters (1 role)
Foundation and Development (1 role)
Noting that;
Claire Cotton will cover National Potential and Junior Elite
Lisa Dobbs will be the COVID Lead

The Squad Officer role requires the volunteer to be at the pool for their Squad training sessions and ensure that required guidelines and approvals are in place for each swimmer training while COVID restrictions continue.
The COVID Lead will provide overarching guidance.
Please respond to this post, if you can support the Club with this requirement and Lisa will be in touch.  Or, e-mail;

No Pool Training Yet….☹️

Further to the Prime Minister’s announcement today, lifting some more COVID restrictions on the 4th of July, it is now clear that swimming pools will remain closed.

Therefore, Club membership, due on the 1st of July, will remain at £10 per swimmer.

We are in contact with Legacy Leisure and have been assured that ISC will have priority return to the VPLC pool once the way forward is clear.  However, they have suggested that this may not be until mid/late August.  The ISC Exec Committee will be working with Legacy Leisure to coordinate Government, Swim England and VPLC guidance into working practice for the Club when a date is eventually released.

Many thanks for everyone’s continuing support.
ISC Exec Committee

Swim England Cancels all 2020 Events

Events up to the end August had been cancelled, but ALL 2020 events are now cancelled.

Swim England announces all remaining national events in 2020 are cancelled

This confirms that there will be no competition for the rest of this year and the Club will, in due course, develop a new calendar for 2021.  As there will now be no event re-scheduling for 2020, we await refunds from Nova (28th & 29th March) and Chesterfield (4th & 5th April) and will refund those who entered once received.

Club Fundraising…

During lockdown, Michelle and Emma have successfully secured funding grants for the Club as follows:
£250 from Derbyshire County Council,
£500 from Legacy Leisure,
and other application results awaited….
Good news while we wait for the pool, well done!

Junior Elite and National Squads Only – New Training Schedule starting May 11th for 4 weeks!!!

Monday – Strength Circuit

Complete 6 x Full Circuits

30 Seconds rest between each exercise.

12 Plank rows on each side

60 seconds of kettle bell or alternative weight

10 medicine or ball push-ups

25 Sit ups

1 Minute Russian Twist

1 Minute of straight leg flutter kicks

10 Calf raises

10 Squats

Wednesday – Leg Workout Circuit.

Do 5 x full circuits with 30 seconds rest

10 x Forward Lunges

10 x Plie Jumps

10 x Reverse Lunges

10 x Squat Jumps

10 x Step Ups

10 x leg Lifts

10 x Single Leg Lunges

10 x Single Leg Bridges

10 x Leg Lifts

10 x 10 second wall sit (100 seconds in total)

Thursday – Cardio Workout

Do 5 x full circuits each exercise for 30 seconds

Jumping Jacks

Front Kicks

Squat Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Squat Thrusts (Burpees)

High Knees

Flyinf Lunges


Friday – Flexibility

Each exercise for 2 minutes

Standing hamstring stretch

Piriformis stretch

Lunge with spinal twist

Triceps stretch

Figure four stretch

90/90 stretch

Frog stretch

Butterfly stretch

Seated shoulder squeeze

Side bend stretch

Lunging hip flexor stretch

Lying pectoral stretch

Knees to chest stretch

Lying Quad Stretch

Standing Quad Stretch

Keep safe and enjoy!

Head Coach – Rich Tomlinson