Swim Gala success at Eckington Meet

Sunday 1st May 2022 saw an early start for Team Ilkeston as Midland Potential and Development squads headed to Eckington Swimming Club to compete in their annual meet.

For many of our swimmers this was the first time they have ever raced in a competition!

Representing Ilkeston on the day, Chloe Foreman, Darcie Barker, Elena Marson, Emily Stevens, Elva Mulcahy, Erin Langsdale, Evie ‘o’ Neill, Grace Cruz, Poppy Brown and Robyn Robertson. Adam Hill, Ethan Foord, Finley McKeown, Finn Langsdale, Kieran Law, Ronnie Archer, Rory McKeown and William Radford.

Swimmers did their best and pulled off some fantastic swims and many gained huge personal bests. Well done to each and every one of you!

Top 10 finishes for Chloe, Darcie, Elva, Erin, Evie, Grace, Poppy, Ronnie and Rory.

Awards were given to our swimmers who achieved a top six finish so a special well done to Chloe, Darcie, Evie, Grace, Ronnie and Rory who all went home with medals

And 1 extra special well done to Chloe who picked up a bronze medal in 100m breaststroke.

A big thank you to Anna, Caitlyn, Maisie and Victoria for their volunteering services on the day. As always we couldn’t do it without our volunteers.

Thank you to the swimmers for representing the club in style

And finally a thanks to all the parents for supporting the children whilst battling the very high temperatures on the balcony.

Hope you all enjoyed it as we are already looking forward to the next!

Dan and Steph

REMINDER: Membership Fees Increased on the 1st April 2022

Please ensure that direct debits have been amended and any missed on the 1 April make an extra payment for the difference. These changes are necessary for the future of the Club.

The Club is pleased that VPLC has recently agreed to a slight change in pool availability to enable some extra training time. However, further to the challenge of Covid, a continuing restriction in the numbers allowed in the pool at any one time, a reduction in Club members and an increase in VPLC pool fees due in March, the Committee must advise an increase in membership fees as follows:

Midland Squad – an increase of £3 per month to £45

Junior Elite, National Potential and National Squads – an increase of £10 per month to £60

‘Step-Up’ Swimmers – an increase of £2 per month to £50

All other Squads will remain unchanged at this time.

This will be effective from the 1st April 2022 and it would be appreciated if all standing orders could be adjusted in good time.

Many thanks.

Committee Vacancy Update

Many thanks to Anna Archer for volunteering for the role of Open Meet Secretary Vacancy.

It would be fantastic if one of our swim parents/carers would be prepared to take on the role of Club Secretary. It’s only through volunteers that we can keep the Club running 😊

Committee Vacancy – Open Meet Secretary

We hope that someone across our membership would consider taking on this important role, which involves;

  • Liaising with the Head Coach to agree suitable competitions.
  • Maintaining an annual schedule of target meets.
  • Advertising for individual swimmer meet entries.
  • Collating entries on the target open meet database and submitting entries (easy when you know how!).
  • Liaising with the Club Treasurer to monitor payments in and advising the larger payments out to each open meet organiser.

Please see or email the Club Chairman, Carl Stadler, if you are interested in helping the Club by taking on this role. carlstadler@ctjconsulting.co.uk

Executive Committee Vacancy – Club Secretary

A new volunteer for the position of Club Secretary is urgently needed. After 4 years in the role, Leeann is stepping down at Easter and we hope that someone across our membership would generously offer some time to undertake this, primarily administrative, role. Outline responsibilities are as follows:

  • Produce & issue Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes.
  • Organise and minute Club Annual General Meeting (AGM), including coordination of the nomination/reinstatement of Committee Members for the year.
  • Submit 3-Monthly Pool Bookings to VPLC.
  • Initial Point of Contact for External Queries.
  • General communication link across the Committee.

As an Executive Committee post, this has a vote on Club matters.

Please see or email the Club Chairman, Carl Stadler, if you are interested in helping the Club by taking on this role. carlstadler@ctjconsulting.co.uk

City of Sheffield L3 Long Course Meet is now 21 & 22 May 2022 (NOT 28th & 29th)

This is due to a COSS change of circumstances. There is also a delay to the acceptance of entries, SO if there are any more entries for this meet, or changes to the current ones, please email Leeann at l.pickard@hljs.co.uk by WEDS 16th MARCH LATEST.

Please e-mail entries (swimmer name, ASA number and events entered – times will be taken from the ASA Database).

The cost is £7.00 per race PLUS £2 per swimmer per day (as a contribution to the cost of Coach/TM passes). This is payable by bacs to the ISC bank account, 80864471, sort code 20-63-28. Please ref your payment with COSS then name…eg. COSSPickard