Derbyshire Gem 106 3k Run

The Derbyshire GEM 106 3K Run at Pride Park Stadium on Sunday 6th April 2014!

It Starts at 10:30am and it is part of our training programme now! So, it would be fantastic to see all squad swimmers taking part! Also, it means that we are further promoting the club in a positive light as we will be doing this in full Ilkeston Kit.

Paper entries close on Sunday 2nd March 2014, online entries close on Sunday 16th March 2014! Entries accepted on the day at £7 per entry.

If you are interested, and we would like to see a large amount of swimmers do this, please post your name on the facebook post if accessible, or ask someone to do this for you who is on facebook or confirm with Rob Hudson. We have a few ideas knocking around for raising charity funds for Cancer Research, but we will see how many we can get that are interested first!

If you are entering, please don’t enter until Rob Hudson has given the go ahead, so we can get a team of runners going together!

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