Request for Help


To all parents, guardians, older swimmers etc

There are far too few doing far too much behind the scenes to keep ilkeston swimming club going at the moment and all are feeling the strain. If you can give some of your time to help out in any way, this would be greatly appreciated.

Those interested in getting poolside can shadow the head coaches Andy and Rob to get experience. The club will then assist you in gaining relevant qualifications to become a teacher or assistant as required.

Those not interested in the pool side can help take some of the load off the existing committee members as a number of them are currently filling numerous positions.

Please offer your support as the current volunteers are spending more and more of their own personal time on club business and it is getting too much. Many of the teachers have at least one role on the committee as well as being poolside.

Please contact Alex Middleton, Andy Hickingbotham or Rob Hudson should you be willing to help.

Thanks in anticipation of your response

Ilkeston SC Committee And Coaches

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