ISC Team Building Day

Venue: Shipley Country Park, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7GX

Date: Sunday 21st September 2014

Everyone Arrived by: 11:45am

Start Time: 12:00pm

Finish Time: 14:30pm

Event Cost = FREE

Team Ilkeston are happy to announce a date has been set for another Ilkeston Team Building Event at Shipley Country Park.

All (Coached) Senior, Youth and Junior Squad members that swim on a Sunday 4-6pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are invited to join us before they go back to the pool for a stretching session followed by the 4-6pm training session.

There will be Fun Relays, Wheelbarrow Races, Piggy-Back Races, a Team Run through Shipley Park, Land Exercises, Strength Building, The TrimTrack, and an Assault Course, just to mention a few.

Get your names on the notice board quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on something that’s always a great experience.

Please make sure you bring your own drinks & snacks/food and dress appropriately according to the weather by wearing suitable clothing for activities i.e. no jeans.

Any questions then please speak to Senior Boys Captain Kyle Hudson.

Bring ‘n’ Buy Sale Week

ISC will be having a bring ‘n’ buy sale for 2nd hand swim kit commencing Sunday 14th September until Thursday 18th September.

With swimmers quickly growing out of fins and new kit being bought, this is a great opportunity to pass those unwanted items on to the next generation of ISC swimmers and get a bit of cash towards your next purchase.

Simply give any items to Andy Hickingbotham or one of the other coaches from Sunday 7th September with the amount you are willing to sell for and your name. We will then put all the items together at the swim sessions for everyone to see and buy.

Typical examples of what to bring are fins, floats, goggles, paddles, good condition swimwear.

JC Dobb Spring League Round 3 Report


Some Stats from the epic final win last Saturday…and whoa was it close:

I didn’t know the full story until I looked into the results. We went into the gala knowing we had to beat Kimberley by 6 points to win the league after two fantastic rounds earlier in the year. We started well but some fantastic PBs and subsequently speeding tickets knocked us back. In fact, after 17 races we were 29 points behind Kimberley and sitting 1point above last place.

Then we went on a run and some great swims put us back in contention.

Then on race 44 of 48, Natasha Barker picked up 2 points to put us 2 points in front of Kimberley. That left 3 races to pick up 4 points more than our rivals to win the league. Step-up Jayne Stallion and Will Foster in the 50m Back.

Both destroyed the competition and won their respective races in style to put us 9 points in front of Kimberley. Then to the cannon, where at this point we had no idea of how we were doing, such is the dobbs galas.

Led by the rapid duo of Leah Burgin Rawson and Lewis Brown, the cannon came in 2nd place with some fast changeovers and a barn storming last leg from Dalton Smith.

Cue a nervous 10 minutes of totting up scores and it was done…for the first time since 2004 would you believe,


This is a massive achievement for all involved. This is certainly my greatest achievement in my time with the club and has added to a great year which included winning our own Jamie Rigby Gala and getting to the final of the Leicester league for the first time I can remember also. I’m proud to say we did things properly with all our swimmers racing to their full potential, and whereas other clubs slow down to win within the cut off time, we turn up to swim fast and get PBs. Keep it up, let me worry about cut-off times and keep smashing those PBs.

Huge tanks to all those who helped out poolside, much appreciated and for the support from parents who were sweating up in the seating at a roasting Hucknall pool.

Here’s your stats:

44 new PBs and best times

5 Speeding Tickets

11 First Place Finishes

10 Second Place Finishes

6 Third Place

Finishes 27 out of 48 Top 3 Finishes

Final Gala Standings:

1st Radford 158

2nd Sutton 153

3rd Ilkeston 152

4th Kimberley 144

5th Hucknall 129

6th Portland 113

Final League Standings:

1st Ilkeston 511 – Highest total since I’ve been doing it (No records prior to)

2nd Kimberley 508

3rd Sutton 457

4th Radford 456

5th Hucknall 361

6th Portland 316


Next Gala is the JC Dobb Autumn League Round 1 on Saturday 6th September.

Request for Help


To all parents, guardians, older swimmers etc

There are far too few doing far too much behind the scenes to keep ilkeston swimming club going at the moment and all are feeling the strain. If you can give some of your time to help out in any way, this would be greatly appreciated.

Those interested in getting poolside can shadow the head coaches Andy and Rob to get experience. The club will then assist you in gaining relevant qualifications to become a teacher or assistant as required.

Those not interested in the pool side can help take some of the load off the existing committee members as a number of them are currently filling numerous positions.

Please offer your support as the current volunteers are spending more and more of their own personal time on club business and it is getting too much. Many of the teachers have at least one role on the committee as well as being poolside.

Please contact Alex Middleton, Andy Hickingbotham or Rob Hudson should you be willing to help.

Thanks in anticipation of your response

Ilkeston SC Committee And Coaches

Rykneld Open Meet 2014

We are looking to enter the Rykneld ‘B’ Grade open meet as a team as we have in previous years. This will be held on 3rd May 2014 at Sharley Park Leisure Centre, Clay-Cross. Warm-up begins at 9am for the morning session.

We would like as many people as possible to enter as long as they fit the criteria for entry. It is open to all ages 9 and above and is a great chance to gain PBs in a racing format for all your strokes, especially those you don’t usually compete in at galas. This also helps myself and Rob pick the most competitive gala squad we can, as has been proven over the last few months.

To further encourage participation, the club will be paying half of the entry fees meaning you will only pay £2 per event.

200m Freestyle is also on the programme with no cut-off time. Perfect for anyone who wishes to gain a time under race conditions.

Coaches will be handing out the entry sheets, please return to Rachel Sanders asap.

Derbyshire Gem 106 3k Run

The Derbyshire GEM 106 3K Run at Pride Park Stadium on Sunday 6th April 2014!

It Starts at 10:30am and it is part of our training programme now! So, it would be fantastic to see all squad swimmers taking part! Also, it means that we are further promoting the club in a positive light as we will be doing this in full Ilkeston Kit.

Paper entries close on Sunday 2nd March 2014, online entries close on Sunday 16th March 2014! Entries accepted on the day at £7 per entry.

If you are interested, and we would like to see a large amount of swimmers do this, please post your name on the facebook post if accessible, or ask someone to do this for you who is on facebook or confirm with Rob Hudson. We have a few ideas knocking around for raising charity funds for Cancer Research, but we will see how many we can get that are interested first!

If you are entering, please don’t enter until Rob Hudson has given the go ahead, so we can get a team of runners going together!

JC Dobb Spring League Round 1 Report (OLD REPORT)


Big Well Done to all those who competed in the first round of the JC Dobb Spring League competition.

We finished in 3rd position with the highest points totals we have ever achieved, finishing just 19 points behind the first placed team on 177 points. The previous highest we ever achieved was 170 points back in the final round of the Autumn 2011 competition so well done everyone.

We had 11 First places, 11 Second Places and 10 Third Places. There were individual victories for Lauren Booth, Emily Middleton, William Wright, Evan Coggins, Lewis Wright and a double for Thomas Woodhouse in the 25m Butterfly & Backstroke.

After the first round of the autumn competition we sat 5th of the 6 teams with 131 points, however, we now go into the second round in a far stronger position with times always improving.

Thanks to all those who helped poolside and for all the support from the parents.

Next Gala is Saturday 8th March with location still to be confirmed. Check the calendar and notice board regularly for updates.