Reminder: Presidents Night (11/12)

All Swimmers from Main Squads/Development Squads/Splash Squads

Presidents Awards Evening & Christmas Splash

All squads/swimmers are welcome to attend including parents/guardians

Sunday 11th December at 15:00pm until 18:00pm

Fun, Inflatables, and much more…

Awards will be presented around 16:30pm

See you there!

Ilkeston Coaching Team & Committee

November Stats:

Opens/Galas: JC Dobbs, Arena R2, Snow Frills Open, Development Time Trials, MS TT

Total Personal Best’s: 173

Top 3 Placings: 68 + 2 ST’s

Total Club Records: 4


Stats for September, October & November 2016:

Total Personal Best’s: 640

Top 3 Placings: 187

Total Club Records: 23

Open Meets coming up in December: DASA County Sprints & Arena R3


Well done swimmers & the coaching team for your hard work and efforts for November!


Success @ Snow Frills & Coventry

Another busy weekend, but this time just for a small number of swimmers racing at two different locations; Sheffield and Coventry – both Long Course Competitions.

At Ponds Forge it was the City of Sheffield Snow Frills Open Meet. A small group of seven age group swimmers spent the weekend racing a number of events, but with the main focus being on 100m & 200m distances with the DASA sprints taking place this weekend.

A very competitive open meet saw these younger less experienced swimmers thrive under pressure executing good techniques and skills. The swimmers conducted themselves professionally throughout the weekend and the team spirit was strong. Well done to the following swimmers; Amber Wilkins, Dominic Wynn, Eja Coe, Emma Wilkins, Erin Pickard, Ethan Hulme and Tegan Hulme.

A special mention for Dominic who has competed in his first Long Course Open Meet and in the process attained two pbs showing a clear improvement in skill level and his previous bests.

A total of 45 out of 45 pbs, and 1 silver medal for Eja Coe in the 50m Butterfly.

Overall, a very good weekend of quality racing!

Travelling to Coventry where DX were also competing at the City of Coventry Open. Kyle, DX Talent Coach, tells us more; four DX/Ilka swimmers were racing at the meet; Lewis Wright, Leah Burgin-Rawson, Charlie Palmer and Lewis Brown. All four swimmers attaining process bests as they played a role in helping Team DX secure the Top Club award at the Open! Well done swimmers!

The next and final two competitions of the year are the DASA sprints & R3 Arena League!

#Hardworkconquerseverything #TeamIlkeston

JC Dobb Autumn Champions

A stunning last round performance saw team Ilkeston win the final round of the Dobbs Autumn League and also be crowned Autumn League Champions.

The team won the round by a massive 43 points, clawing back a League point deficit to win the trophy by 11 Points.

Congratulations team Ilkeston and well done to the team managers throughout the league, Steph Brown & Martin Gaskin.

This is a great achievement for a young team and shows the potential in the squad.

Source: Ilkeston SC Website


Paul O’Connell: No such thing as God-given talent

Monday, November 21, 2016 – 07:11 am

Source/Credit – Irish Examiner

Munster Rugby legend Paul O’Connell has warned against the notion of ‘God-given talent’ or ‘born naturals’ in sport and life, writes Jimmy Woulfe.

“It’s dangerous,” he said.

Speaking to award- winning students in Limerick at the weekend, he said success comes through hard graft and dedication.

The former Ireland and Munster great, whose autobiography has been voted sports book of the year, said: “You hear a lot about a person having a God-given talent. I hate that phrase. “It’s a dangerous saying. I’m not against God, but God is a reasonable guy who doesn’t go around distributing talent.

“You hear about somebody having an ear for music, a born natural and inheriting a talent for a game in their DNA. There are a whole load of sayings like this that permeate our conversation: That excellence is somehow pre-ordained. It is not.

“This belief denies the incentive to practise and make that huge effort needed to reach your goal. There is this myth and I don’t buy into it. Beware of this talk about God-given talent and don’t let anybody put their dreams of success aside because they might feel they don’t have the same talent as others.”

O’Connell told students there is no substitute for hard work. “Everybody has the same opportunity to work and practise. People who are excellent at what they do have practised more and often fail more but work harder and bounce back. It’s about being prepared to work and graft very hard.”

He was speaking at the JP McManus all-Ireland third-level scholarships awards at the University of Limerick, where 125 students from the Republic and the North received annual bursaries worth €6,750 or £5,500 to pursue studies in colleges here and abroad.

He said when he started his international rugby career he used to take biographies of great achievers to read at night while away with the Irish team. He said: “After Tiger Woods became the youngest winner of the Masters in Augusta he was written about as being the most natural golf talent ever seen.

“But if you dig into his past you see the real story of his father working on his golf game even before he was a year old. It was relentless hard work and dedication and did not come to him naturally.”

He said the Beatles were hailed an overnight success, but the group had put in enormous time, often working in seedy nightclubs across Europe, developing their music. “In one 18-month period they did more than 270 concerts before they hit the charts. Their success was not about a God-given talent, but sheer dedication and hard work,” he said.

The scholarships funded by Mr McManus were established in 2008 and almost €22m has been distributed.

This article first appeared in the Irish Examiner.

Development Camp – Feb 2017

Reminder that the deadline to hand in forms for the Development Camp is the 22nd December 2016. Some swimmers have already returned their form and payment.

Please get them in before the above date and not last minute.

A lot of planning has to be done to make the weekend a success and ultimately you are being given another opportunity to learn more and develop your swim skills and knowledge. VPLC management have agreed to let us hire the additional pool space that we need on the Saturday am. With the additional pool space being granted I want the pool full!

All of Dan’s Race Skills Squad are invited to attend this training camp.

If you haven’t received a form yet, then please let us know.