Tonight’s Team Meeting

Main Squad:

Thank you for meeting with us tonight after training to discuss the proposed swim camp for 2018. As we said we have already undertook a lot of planning between us all and have met on numerous occasions over the last few weeks to improve the competitive element of the club; one of the ways we are implementing this is through the swim camp. We feel that this would be another opportunity for swimmers to develop themselves both in swimming and academically. Ultimately, we want to keep moving the club forward in a positive light and this is a great way to do so.

Phil will be uploading the presentation and the application form as soon as possible, and we ask that you pass this form back to Dan, Kyle or myself by Sunday 20th November 2016 to register your interest. We encourage your applications! As soon as we get a better idea of numbers, we can then make further enquiries and publish a more accurate and finalised price. We will call another meeting over the next couple of weeks to discuss this further.

In the meantime we look forward to receiving your application forms!

Any questions, please feel free to ask us


Dan, Kyle & Rob

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