Colour Gala Champions – Dec 2016

Well done to everyone who took part in the first Club Colours Gala this evening. The team spirit and atmosphere was fantastic with lots of cheering and supporting of your team mates. It was very competitive, which was reflected in the points on the night. They were extremely tight and there was lots of good racing and fun races included in the program. If you missed this time, then make sure you are at the next one. We are hoping to have a trophy for the winning team and other things that we’ll be adding into the event.

The final points on the night were as follows:

1st Yellow Team (111)

2nd Green Team (90)

3rd Purple Team (86)

4th Red Team (84)

5th Blue Team (81)

6th Orange Team (53)

Thanks to all who supported the event and helped on poolside to make the first Inter-Club Gala successful. Thanks to Phil, Dave, Gary, Graham, Cam, Sharon, Louisa

We are currently looking at dates for the 2017 Colours gala. We will confirm asap.

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