Long Eaton Open

19 swimmers entered the Long Eaton Open as a preparation open meet before the County Championships. Swimmers racing at this meet were; Alex Baldwin, Amber Wilkins, Angela Guilfoyle, Charlotte Mitchell, Eja Coe, Emma Wilkins, Erin Pickard, Ethan Hulme, James Wright, Lewis Guilfoyle, Naomi Forbes, Ollie Palmer, Paige Baldwin, Sam Hardy, Sophie Stone, Tegan Hulme, Thomas Ingram, Tristan Guilfoyle and William Wright.

In session one there was ten top three placings which were; James Wright – 200m Freestyle (6th), Eja Coe – 50m Freestyle (4th & Finalist), Emma Wilkins – 50m Freestyle (6th & Finalist), Paige Baldwin – 50m Freestyle (3rd & Finalist), Alex Baldwin – 100m Backstroke (6th), James Wright – 100m Backstroke (4th), James Wright – 100m Freestyle (3rd & Finalist), Eja Coe – 200m Individual Medley (3rd), Emma Wilkins – 100m Butterfly (6th), and Eja Coe – 100m Butterfly (3rd). There was a total of 18 pbs in the heats of the morning session.

The finals of the 100m Freestyle for the boys and 50m Freestyle for the girls were the events to complete session one. James Wright was the only boy in the 100m Freestyle final achieving a bronze medal. Whilst in the 50m Freestyle final for the girls; Eja Coe and Emma Wilkins were both racing in the 10 & 11 years final and both achieving a 6th place finish. Paige Baldwin was racing in the 12 year old age group and achieved a bronze medal in her final heat.

Session two started in the afternoon after the lunch break with the first event being the 200m Freestyle for the girls. Erin Pickard (6th), Eja Coe (3rd), Tegan Hulme (6th) and Angela Guilfoyle (5th). Up next was the 50m Freestyle heats for the boys. James Wright (5th & Finalist) and Sam Hardy (3rd & Finalist). The 100m Backstroke for the girls included; Erin Pickard (5th), Eja Coe (4th) and Tegan Hulme (3rd). In the 100m Breaststroke; James Wright (1st) and Sam Hardy (4th), whilst Tegan Hulme came 4th in the 100m Freestyle, which meant she would swim in the final later in the session. In the 200m Individual Medley were James Wright (2nd) and Sam Hardy (3rd). Closing the heats session were Sam Hardy (4th) and James Wright (2nd) in the 100m Butterfly. A total of 19 pbs in the heats of the afternoon session.

The finals of session two involved three swimmers; Tegan Hulme in the 100m Freestyle final coming in fourth place and achieving a faster time than earlier in the heats. James Wright finishing in 5th place with a faster time than in the heats, and Samuel Hardy also in the 50m Freestyle final finishing in 4th in his age group.

Well done swimmers

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