Club Development Camp

Hello all

Just a quick one about this weekend. If you have misplaced your schedule, then please email me and i will forward another over to you. You will notice that i have not put a lunch break on the schedule. Don’t worry, there will be time to eat and this will be factored into the programme. I would encourage swimmers to bring healthier foods/snacks and plenty of drinks! You will need to be drinking throughout the day, so make sure you have a lot of drinks.

Please make sure you bring a note pad and a pen. These are vital as you will be making notes on the first workshop. The second workshop will involve a more interactive “doing approach”, so please make sure you have sports clothes (jogging bottoms or shorts and a loose top and hoodie) and suitable footwear. On the second day the same applies.

Foam rollers – if you have not got a foam roller, then please try to get one before the weekend. We do not have many that we can let swimmers borrow for the weekend, as coaches will be using them to demonstrate, so please try and purchase one before Saturday and bring with you to all sessions. To prevent anyone from losing theirs, please can you ensure you write your name on it in permanent marker.

If anyone has roll mats, then please bring these as well.

If there is anything else that you need to ask, please drop me an email or a message and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

See you then

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