LLR3 Final @ Hinckley L.C

LL Final tonight – please be on poolside for 17:45pm.

Please read the information that we have been emailed below.

Guide Lines for Teams visiting Hinckley Leisure Centre ( LE10 1BZ)

  • No food poolside
  • No kit bags poolside (draw string bags allowed ).
  • Kit bags and clothing to be kept in lockers, £1 refundable
  • There are air vents situated at the back of the seating benches and these should not be covered.
  • Warm up is restricted to 12 Swimmers per lane under guidance.
  • During races. No Coaches / Team managers are allowed, behind the start blocks or on the raised turn ends. They may stand behind the raised ends ( Turn end only ) but may not give instruction or coach swimmers.
  • Only swimmers next to race are allowed to stand on the raised end ( Turn ) to enable a clear view for Referees.
  • ALL SWIMMERS MUST move along the window side of the pool on completion of the race. The AOE desk is situated referees side and swimmers will not be allowed to walk in front of it.
  • All 25m races shall start from the Turn end
  • Recorders desk will be situated in the poolside storage area at the start end ( Referee’s side ). Relay declarations, Team lists etc. must be handed in prior to warm –up

10) Results will be sent to all teams after the gala conclusion once verified. Announcements on the night are ‘unofficial’ and should be treated as such

11)Complaints/ Protests should be made to the referees during the gala.

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