Ernehale Open

A small team of swimmers entered the Ernehale Open meet, which is specifically aimed at junior swimmers that are no older than fourteen years old. Swimmers were; Amber Wilkins, Dominic Webster, Ellis Haddon, Emma Wilkins, Erin Pickard, Ethan Hulme, Finley O’Neill, James Wright and Thomas Ingram.

The Saturday session was a quick evening session that included the boys and girls 400m Individual Medley. Only 1 swimmer entering this event, James Wright entering in at 6.40.10 and racing to a new pb of 6.28.80. The next event was the boys and girls 200m Freestyle. Up first were the boys and it was Finley O’Neill’s first open meet too. He started it off with a 200m Freestyle, which he was entered in at 3.22.60 and making a new time of 3.17.12. Ethan Hulme and Thomas Ingram were up afterwards, and both swimmers raced well and attained pbs in their events. The final event of the session was the girls 200m Freestyle and Amber Wilkins, Erin Pickard, Emma Wilkins and Tegan Hulme were all racing in the event. Great racing from all the girls with the turns and skills looking a lot stronger which led to 3/4 pbs.

Total of seven out of eight swims were pbs from the first session.

Session two was held the next day with the morning session producing 12 pbs out of 16 events, and top six finishes for Emma in the 400m Freestyle (6th), Tegan in the 100m Backstroke (4th), James in the 100m Butterfly (2nd), Tegan in the 100m Breaststroke (6th) and the 100m Freestyle (6th).

Session three provided much of the same as the previous two sessions; the transfer of skills from training to race situations was great to see it put into action, and proves that it works. 16 events out of 21 races were pbs, and there were more top six finishes as follows; Finley O’Neill in the 400m Freestyle (6th), James Wright in the 400m Freestyle (6th), Tegan Hulme in the 200m Individual Medley (6th), James Wright in the 200m Butterfly (2nd), Emma Wilkins in the 100m Butterfly (4th), Thomas Ingram in the 100m Breaststroke (6th), Ethan Hulme in the 100m Breaststroke (5th), Tegan Hulme in the 200m Backstroke (6th), James Wright in the 100m Freestyle (6th).

Well done to all the swimmers who raced in this open meet! The results for this meet will be available in the members section. Thanks for everyone’s patience whilst i was putting together the results during the busy period in the swim schedule.

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