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In the Members section – individual times for all Ilkeston swimmers for Leicester League Round 1, Long Eaton Open Meet, Counties Day 1 and 2.

In the Results section – Reports and official results  for Sports Centre League Round 1, Leicester League Round 1 and Long Eaton Open Meet.


Counties Day 4

The final day of the Counties 2017 was split into two sessions starting with the individual events which was the 100m Freestyle. Racing in this event were; James Wright, Kynan Wong, Erica Beharall, Emma Wilkins, Eja Coe, Erin Pickard, Paige Baldwin, Tegan Hulme, Leah Burgin-Rawson, Ethan Hulme, William Wright, Charlie Palmer and Lewis Wright. Fast swimming and great skills from all with James, Leah and Lewis making it into the finals in the hugely competitive event.

Before the 100m Free finals, it was the 200m Butterfly event which James (3.14.68, 1st – pb), Leah (2.41.34, 1st – pb) and Charlie (2.22.47, 3rd – pb) were all racing in. Well done to all three of you, a difficult race made to look very easy – great skills. Regional qualifications for Leah and Charlie were achieved in this event.

The finals of the 100m Freestyle; James coming in eight place with a good swim, Leah with a slight pb and a 3rd place finish, and Lewis with a fourth place finish overall. Regional times were achieved by Leah and Lewis in this event.

Overall from Day 4 of the County Championships; a total of 13 pbs, 4 regional times, five top 6 placings, two 1st places, and three 3rd places.

After the lunch break, the relays were on and even though there were less teams than normal, it was still just as competitive amongst all age groups. Swimmers racing for the Club were; Kynan Wong, Charlie Palmer, Lewis Wright and William Wright. James Wright, Ryan Kirk, Alex Baldwin and George Riley. Tegan Hulme ,Leah Burgin-Rawson, Eja Coe and Paige Baldwin. Emma Wilkins Erin Pickard, Eve Beharall and Erica Beharall. Ethan Hulme, Tom Ingram, Ellis Haddon and Samuel Hardy.

6th place: 14-17 Medley: Kynan Wong, Charlie Palmer, Lewis Wright and William Wright

Well done all swimmers – some great racing on display!

Counties Day 3

Day three, session seven – it was the beginning of the second weekend of the County Championships. Starting the morning off with 100m Butterfly some fast racing from Team Ilkeston swimmers; James Wright, Leah Burgin-Rawson, William Wright, Lewis Wright, Charlie Palmer and Summer Kennedy. James, Leah, Lewis and Summer – all making into the finals in their respective age groups.  

The next race on the program was the 200m Backstroke with Eja Coe (2.58.83 – Pb), Emma Wilkins (3.11.95 –Pb), Tegan Hulme (2.55.24 – Pb), Leah Burgin-Rawson (2.39.67 – Regional QT, Pb, 2nd), and Summer Kennedy (2.25.68). All good swims from the girls.

Just before the break, it was the finals of the 100m Butterfly. There were some great swims from James in 3rd place, Leah in 2nd place with another Pb, Lewis Wright with another small Pb from earlier in the heats and also a 3rd place, and Summer Kennedy coming in 3rd place. Regional QT’s for Lewis, Leah and Summer.

After the break, session eight was underway with the girls making the plunge with the 50m Breaststroke. Eja, Erica, Sophie, and Leah were all racing in the event and all racing with fine skills. The boys were up afterwards with the 50m Breaststroke; William, Lewis, James and Kynan with Pbs on paper from William and James.

A short session eight with three finalists racing in the 50m Breaststroke; James (42.05, Pb – 3rd), Lewis (36.67 – 8th) and Leah (39.65, Pb – 3rd). James and Leah – both achieving Regional QT’s.

Session nine events were the 50m Backstroke and 200m Breaststroke. Up first was Alex Baldwin, James Wright and Kynan Wong in the 50m Backstroke. Good swims from all three of the boys, and Kynan also making a finals place in this event. Erica Beharall, Sophie Stone, Erin Pickard, Emma Wilkins, Paige Baldwin, Eja Coe and Leah Burgin-Rawson were all racing in the 50m Backstroke. Good Pbs from all of the girls and also a Regional qualification time for Tegan Hulme and Leah Burgin-Rawson. This is Tegan’s first Regional qualification time – well done! William Wright and Lewis Wright were also in the 15+ years age group for the 50m Backstroke, and both swimming well.

Kynan Wong, Sophie Stone and Leah Burgin-Rawson were racing in the 200m Breaststroke, and all three swimmers performed and made some big improvements on their times. Leah, also achieved 2nd place and a Regional QT.

The session nine finals involved four swimmers in the 50m Backstroke; Kynan, Eja (39.81, Pb), Leah (36.21, Pb – 3rd) and Tegan (36.52, Pb). All racing better than in the heats earlier in the session, and Leah and Tegan improving on their earlier Regional qualification time.

Day three statistics were as follows; 30 pbs, 9 regional QT’s, 14 top six places, three 2nd place, six 3rd places. Club records will be confirmed as soon as practicably possible.

Well done swimmers 

Counties – Day 2

The second day of Counties started like the first with more top skills on show from our swimmers. In the first session of the day it was a 100m Breaststroke and 400m Freestyle. Up first in the 100m Breaststroke was Leah, Kynan, and Lewis – all three racing with good skills in the heats with Leah and Lewis racing themselves into final places. Lewis and Leah both achieving their Regional qualifications for this event.

The 400m Freestyle was up next with Leah (4.56.81 – 2nd), James (5.31.10 – 5th) and Charlie (4.10.91 – 1st). Regional QTs for Leah and Charlie in this event.

The finals took place at the end of session four and two swimmers; Leah and Lewis were both in the 100m Breaststroke in their respective age groups. Leah (1.25.88, 2nd – Regional QT) and Lewis (1.15.33, 5th – Regional QT). Both making improvements on their earlier heat races from that morning.

Session 5 begun just after midday and it started with the 100m Backstroke. James, Kynan, Emma, Eja, Paige and Tegan all gaining pbs. Leah also racing and gaining her Regional QT. The next event was the 200m Freestyle for the girls 10-14 age group, which included; Eja, Erin, Paige, Emma, Tegan and Leah. All girls achieving pbs and everyone was under the 3 minute barrier. Leah also achieved her Regional qualification for the 200m Freestyle.

The session five finals involved 3 swimmers from Ilkeston in the 100m Backstroke which were; Eja (1.24.03, 4th – pb), Leah (1.15.79, 3rd, Regional – pb) & Tegan (1.20.96, 8th).

To conclude the first weekend of Counties we finished with session six. 50m Butterfly and 1500m Freestyle was on the menu for the swimmers. Will, Lewis, James, Sophie, Emma, Paige, Tegan, Eja and Leah were all racing in the 50m Butterfly. Fast swimming from all with great skills and pbs. Lewis  and Leah with Regional qualifications in the heats.

Next up was Charlie in the 1500m Freestyle. A long event and considering the time of night the race was held he competed well whilst achieving first place and his Regional time.

The finals of the 50m Butterfly were up after the 1500’s, and four swimmers were in it representing Ilkeston. Eja Coe, Leah Burgin-Rawson, James Wright and Lewis Wright. All four swimmers competed well and still raced fast even at the end of a very long weekend both physically and mentally. Eja (37.42, 5th – pb) Leah (33.6, 2nd, Regional), James (36.42, 2nd, achieving his first Regional qualifying time), and Lewis (28.63, 2nd, Regional).

Well done to all! A lot of achievements for the first time County swimmers to those who have achieved their first Regional qualifying time. Day two totals;

29 pbs, 10 regional qt’s, 13 top six places, two 1st’s, six 2nd’s, and one 3rd. Club Records will be confirmed on a separate post coming soon.

It proves that #HardWorkConquersEverything

Counties – Day 1

Day one of the Derbyshire ASA County Championships held at Matlock Arc was kicked off with 200m Individual Medley in the first session of the event. Some good swims with highlights of the session; pbs coming from Erin, Eja, Tegan, Leah, and Charlie. Leah finishing in second place and Charlie in third place. East Midland qualification times were recorded for Leah Burgin-Rawson, Charlie Palmer and Summer Kennedy.

Session two had two events which were the 50m Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley. A large number of swimmers in the 50m Freestyle with fast swimming across the board. Alex, Ryan, Ellis, Amber, Erica, Eja, Erin, Emma, Paige, Tegan, Leah and Thomas all racing faster than their entry time. Final places were achieved by; James Wright, Leah Burgin-Rawson, Tegan Hulme, Lewis Wright, and Summer Kennedy.

Before the finals, the 400m Individual Medley was up next, and all three swimmers performed well. Kynan Wong (5.59.89), Charlie Palmer (4.47.67) and Leah Burgin-Rawson (5.36.61). All pbs for the above three in that event. Along with 1st place for Charlie and a Regional QT, 2nd for Leah with a Regional QT, and 4th for Kynan.

Completing session two were the finals of the 50m Freestyle. The following Ilkeston swimmers were racing in their respective age groups; James Wright (32.97 – 8th), Tegan Hulme (32.06 – 6th), Leah Burgin-Rawson (30.43, 3rd, Regional QT), Lewis Wright (26.82, 4th, Regional QT), and Summer Kennedy (27.90, 3rd, Regional QT).

The final session of the first day included the 100m Inidivdual Medley & 200m Freestyle. Another fantastic session of racing, again looking strong across all ages. James, Kynan, Sam, Eja, Erin, Erica, Leah, Tegan, Paige, Emma and Sophie, all with pbs and looking strong with their technique. The 200m Freestyle – pbs from Sam, Lewis, also with a Regional QT and Charlie with a Regional QT and first place.

To conclude the first session of the weekend it was the 100m Individual Medley finals. James (1.24.54 – 6th), Kynan (1.15.00 – 8th), Eja (1.27.55 – 6th), Leah Burgin-Rawson (1.14.99 – 2nd) and Lewis Wright (1.07.86 – 5th).

A blistering start to the Counties on day one saw a total of; 42 pbs, 10 regional qt’s, 17 top six places, two 1st’s, three 2nd’s, and three 3rd’s. Club Records will be confirmed on a separate post coming soon.

Well done all! Day 2 coming next…






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