On the 1st & 2nd April, Ilkeston swimmers attended the City of Stoke Open meet entering various events over the course of the weekend. Swimmers were posting some fast times in a very humid leisure centre and were also racing against some different competitors.

In session one there were a total of 13 pbs swimming faster than the entry time in that session. A total of ten top six placings and the following medallists’ were as follows. Gold medals; Eja Coe (50m Butterfly, 100m Breaststroke and 100m Backstroke). Bronze medals; Eja Coe (200m Freestyle), James Wright (50m Freestyle), Erica Beharall (100m Breaststroke), James Wright (100m Butterfly).

Session two after the lunch break provided much more of the same quality racing and fast swimming. A total of 9 pbs from 12 races, and seven of those races were top six finishes. Gold for Eja in the 100m Butterfly, and Bronze for; James in the 200m Freestyle and 100m Freestyle, Eve Beharall in the 100m Butterfly, and Erica Beharall in the 100m Butterfly.

Sunday – session three; the were 12 pbs during the morning events and a total of 7 top six placings. Gold medal from James (400m Freestyle). Silver medal from Erica Beharall (50m Breaststroke). Bronze medals from Erin Pickard (200m Individual Medley & 100m Freestyle), and James Wright (100m Individual Medley).

Session four; a total of 7 pbs during the afternoon with 7 top six placings. Gold for Erin Pickard (200m Backstroke). Silver for James Wright (200m Individual Medley) and also bronze in the (50m Breaststroke).

Well done swimmers, and thanks to Isobel, Liv, Kate, Jake and Leeann for their support on poolside during the weekend event.

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