Sheffield Regionals

Good luck to Ilkeston’s DX swimmers Charlie Palmer and Lewis Wright who are both competing in the East Midland Championships this weekend.

The pair are both racing in multiple events during the three day event.


Website Updates

All the following items have been uploaded to the members section ofnthe website;

All individual split and relay times from last Saturdays Diddys league

All times from the development squad time trials completed in training earlier in the week

Thanks to Dan and Steph for collating.

Jamie Rigby Gala 2017

Reminder – Jamie Rigby Gala 2017:

Like previous years, we will be having 2 teams racing at the Rigby Gala, which means we need to ensure that both lanes are full with swimmers! We have opted to race the two teams to keep offering opportunities for swimmers to gain race experience.

We host the gala every year in memory of our former swimmer, Jamie.

Therefore, if selected you should make yourself available to race.

Selections for the teams will begin today!

Regional Round-Up

Swimmers; James Wright, Tegan Hulme, Leah Burgin-Rawson and Lewis Brown were all racing at Corby International Swimming Pool last weekend for the Regionals. Here’s a closer look at their achievements with their rankings from Derbyshire and the East Midlands region. (Rankings – based on times over the last 12 months and were accurate as of 7th May 2017).

James Wright 

Event Time Recorded Derbyshire Rank East Midlands Rank
50m Breaststroke 42.89 3rd 17th
50m Butterfly 37.66 6th 31st

Event (both LCM events – personal best times recorded)

Tegan Hulme

Event Time Recorded Derbyshire Rank East Midlands Rank
50m Backstroke 37.91 7th 37th

(LCM event – personal best time recorded)

Leah Burgin-Rawson

Event Time Recorded Derbyshire Rank East Midlands Rank
50m Freestyle 31.29 6th 17th
100m Freestyle 1.07.17 2nd 6th
200m Freestyle 2.21.65 2nd 4th
400m Freestyle 4.58.39 2nd 5th
50m Backstroke 36.13 3rd 16th
50m Breaststroke 39.63 2nd 5th
100m Breaststroke 1.27.27 3rd 9th
50m Butterfly 34.46 2nd 9th
100m Butterfly 1.12.38 1st 3rd
200m Butterfly 2.41.94 1st 4th
200m Individual Medley 2.40.36 2nd 6th
400m Individual Medley 5.44.46 2nd 6th

(LCM event – multiple personal best time recorded and finals)

(Leah also achieved Gold in the 100m Butterfly & Bronze in 50m Breast)

Lewis Brown

Event Time Recorded Derbyshire Rank East Midlands Rank
50m Backstroke 35.1 1st 3rd
100m Backstroke 1.17.79 4th 13th
200m Backstroke 2.47.66 4th 15th
50m Breaststroke 41.24 2nd 9th
100m Breaststroke 1.31.95 1st 6th
50m Butterfly 35.28 2nd 7th

(LCM event – multiple personal best time recorded and finals)


Well done to all four swimmers – great job!


Club Colour Gala – General Info and Entries Confirmation

Colour Gala – Sunday 7th May

Please click on the link here to see the confirmed entries list >> Confirmed Entries

Swimmers should arrive for around 2:45pm in order to give them
sufficient amount of time for them to be ready for warm-up at 3pm. Start time for the first even will be 3:30pm.

The gala will finish at 6pm at the latest. This all depends on how quickly we get through the events.

The entry fee for spectators is £1.

During the gala we will be holding a Cake Sale and Raffle.

Swimmers should ensure that they bring the following:

– Plenty of drinks (Water / Squash).
– Snacks (Fruit / Cereal Bars, etc).
– Multiple Towels.
– Googles and Hat (Bring spares if possible).
– Training suit (Bring spare if possible).

I would advise that swimmers do not wear their racing suits as this can cause discomfort when wearing them for long periods of time. Training suits are suitable for this gala.

Swimmers are not required to bring their kit bags (Kick boards, Pool buoys, fins, etc).

If you have any other questions or queries about the gala then please feel to contact a member of the coaching team here >> Contact Us



Club Colour Gala Entries Deadline

Hi All,

The deadline for entries into the Club Colour Gala is today (4th May).

If you still wish to enter, then please contact us by clicking the link below and filling out our contact form, or directly contact any of the coaching team.

Click here  (Please include the swimmers full name, age, and squad that they swim in).

Please note that we will not be accepting any entries after today, and swimmers must have formally entered in order to participate in the gala.

In order to run the gala smoothly, we will require a number of helpers. We highly appreciate helpers and it’s a great way to get involved with the club!

If you are able to help on the day could you please complete the contact form as previously mentioned stating that you are able to so, or let myself or Rob Hudson know directly.  

Thanks in advance,