Club Championships – Information

Please make sure you read all of the below information. 

Warm up will commence at 15:00pm. Please make sure you are on poolside for 14:45pm. You may be asked to stay in the shower area until the pool has been cleared of the public.

Swimmers will be given a time slot to warm up, which will be given to them on arrival.

Please use the space under the flume and around the Splash pool to keep bags etc.

For those who haven’t been to a Championships before, please read the following information on what to expect and what we expect from you.

Team managers will be in control of the swimmers for the duration of the event. There are also numerous senior swimmers that will be there to help if you have any questions.

You have the option of bringing a poolside chair for comfort. It is advised that you bring at least two towels, two swimming costumes/jammers, and two pairs of goggles.

Snacks and drinks:

If you fill your body with rubbish, expect the outcome to be the same…

Please make sure you have enough NON-fizzy drink such as juice or water. No energy drinks please – they do not work. Healthy and nutritious snacks are a good idea such as bananas and flapjacks. Please do not bring sweets, chocolate or crisps as they will be confiscated, and the coaches will eat them for you.

A raffle and club shop will be in operation during the event.


There is a strict Club policy that parents are not to enter the poolside under any circumstances unless a coach or our Welfare Officer has invited them onto the poolside. Those that are helping on poolside can come through the changing rooms. All other parents and spectators are to use the entrance to the gallery.

A reminder that the entry fee for spectators is £3.50 for adults and £2.00 for concessions.

If your name is not in the programme, unfortunately it is due to you missing the deadline

Please don’t panic – you will be in the heat sheets, and you will still be racing the event(s)


Please read the rules on withdrawals & entries

  1. Withdrawals must be made before the start of each session to Kyle Hudson
  2. Failure to communicate a withdrawal, and there is a fine of £5 for a missed event
  3. The club will not take any entries on the weekend of the event


Saturday 30th September 2017

11+ Yrs Girls/Boys 100m Butterfly
7-8 Yrs Girls/Boys 25m Butterfly
9+ Yrs Girls/Boys 50m Backstroke
7-8 Yrs Girls/Boys 25m Backstroke
9+ Yrs Girls/Boys 50m Butterfly
7-8 Yrs Girls/Boys 50m Backstroke
9-10 Yrs Girls/Boys 100 I.M
11+ Yrs Girls/Boys 100m Backstroke

Sunday 1st October 2017

9+ Yrs Girls/Boys 100m Freestyle
7-8 Yrs Girls/Boys 25m Breaststroke
9+ Yrs Girls/Boys 50m Breaststroke
11+ Yrs Girls/Boys Over 100m I.M
7-8 Yrs Girls/Boys 25m Freestyle
11+ Yrs Girls/Boys 100m Breaststroke
7+ Yrs Girls/Boys 50m Freestyle



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