NASL R3 Report

It was the third and final round of the National Arena League, and also the final team gala of 2017 before the Christmas break. Team Ilkeston were racing at Hucknall L.C, starting the evening in 21st place in the league table. So, with just two teams below us, and the rest of the teams we were racing above us, it didn’t necessary look like we would do anything special. Looks can always be deceiving!

Only four of the six teams arrived at the venue to race. Cheadle, Long Eaton B and Worksop Dolphins were in attendance.

After what felt like a slow start from Team Ilkeston, we were actually in joint first place alongside Long Eaton B. Throughout the gala, the four teams were pretty much evenly matched until event 42. Worksop Dolphins at this point had 202 points, and Ilkeston were just behind with 175, with a close battle for 3rd and 4th from Cheadle and Long Eaton.

Team Ilkeston had made some mistakes that proved costly in the first and second round, and with swimmers keeping that in mind the overall performance was much better.

On the night, we had a total of 39 top three placings.

First places; Charlie Palmer in the 200m Individual Medley, Eja Coe in the 50m Backstroke, Lewis Brown in the 100m Breaststroke, Alicia Bull in the 50m Breaststroke, Tegan Hulme in the 100m Freestyle, Ethan Hulme in the 100m Breaststroke.

Relay teams; 15/u Boys Freestyle Relay and the 9/11 Girls Medley Relay.

Second places; Louie Stadler in the 50m Backstroke, Charlie Palmer in the 100m Butterfly, Eja Coe in the 50m Butterfly, Tegan Hulme in the 100m Backstroke, Ryan Kirk in the 100m Backstroke, Jack Chambers in the 100m Backstroke, Daniel Sloan in the 100m Breaststroke, Erin Pickard in the 50m Freestyle.

Relay teams; the 9/11 Girls & the 9/11 Boys Freestyle Relay teams, 13/u Boys Medley Relay, the Open Boys Medley Relay, the 9/11 Boys Medley Relay, 13/u Girls Freestyle Relay, 15/u Boys Medley Relay and the Open Boys Canon event.

Third places; Leo Allanson in the 50m Butterfly, Eve Beharall in the 100m Butterfly, Ethan Hulme in the 100m Butterfly, Louie Stadler in the 50m Breaststroke, Eja Coe in the 100m Butterfly, Lewis Brown in the 100m Butterfly, Thomas Ingram in the 100m Freestyle, Leo Allanson in the 50m Freestyle, Fern Hunter in the 100m Freestyle, George Riley in the 100m Freestyle, Charlie Palmer in the 100m Freestyle.

Relay teams; the 13/u Girls Medley Relay, 15/u Girls Freestyle Relay, Boys 13/u Freestyle Relay, and the Open Girls Canon event.

Overall a good performance on the night. The final league table of division 3 – 2017 is attached below. The team finished in 19th place overall, and was consistent with last years league.

Final League Table Arena 2017.png

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