Rotherham Metro Meet…

Team Ilkeston swimmers were recently in action at the Rotherham meet over the weekend which saw some fast end of season racing to conclude the competitive season of 2017-18.

The team of 21 swimmers included; Alfie Brown, Alicia Bull, Amber Wilkins, Arwen Moore, Caitlyn Cooke, Dominic Webster, Elliot Bestwick, Emma Wilkins, Erica Beharall, Erin Pickard, Eve Beharall, Fern Hunter, Finley O’Neill, Hannah Cope, Joshua Bestwick, Leo Charlesworth, Louie Stadler, Max Bull, Naomi Forbes, Paige Baldwin & Steven Cope.

A hot and uncomfortable poolside still produced some excellent results with a total of 26 medals, and a 80.39% PB rate over the weekend. Swimmers can be proud of their performances, but most importantly they can use their individual points for improvement to further their individual progression next season.

Well done to all swimmers, and thanks to our poolside team of coaches and team managers who helped throughout the weekend; Kyle Hudson, Charlie Palmer, Dale Wilkins, Elaine Wilkins, Steph Brown, Victoria Bull & Carl Stadler.

A Gold Erin Pickard (50 Back)

B Gold Eve Beharall (100 & 200 Free, 400 Individual Medley, 100 & 200 Butterfly), Finley O’Neill (200 Butterfly), Emma Wilkins (100 Back), Alfie Brown (200 Breast), Naomi Forbes (200 Back)

A Silver Erica Beharall (200 Free), Erin Pickard (100 Back)

B Silver Naomi Forbes (100 Back & 200 Breast), Louie Stadler (200 Butterfly & 100 IM), Josh Bestwick (200 Butterfly)

A Bronze Erin Pickard (200 Free), Emma Wilkins (50 Back), Erica Beharall (100 Breast & 50 Free)

B Bronze Naomi Forbes (50 Back & 50 Breast), Fern Hunter (100 Breast), Dominic Webster (200 Breast), Erica Beharall (100 Butterfly)

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