County Championships 16,17,23,24 Feb 19

Festive Greetings! Details of the 2019 County Champs, at Matlock ARC, can be found here:

Please read the event conditions carefully, noting that ONLY entries with ASA qualifying times in the appropriate age category will be accepted.  Completed entry forms, with events circled and exact payment (can be bacs), to Leeann by Mon 14 Jan 2019 LATEST.

Unfortunately, the official closing date is before the January Rotherham Meet, so any times recorded there cannot be used.  I requested an extension, but was declined.

Red Kangaroo Trampoline on Sunday

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM STEPH:  Looking forward to the Xmas Party at Red Kangaroo on Sunday and thank you to all who have already completed the waiver form. If you haven’t done so, it is imperative that you fill out the online waiver before bouncing!  The form can be found via the link below – once on the page, click on the ‘Nottingham’ button and fill in your details as requested.



Nova Meet – Entry Reminder

All entries for the March Nova Meet must be with Leeann by TOMORROW – Mon 17 Dec. For Meet details & entry form;
Click on ‘Nova March Sprint Meet 2019’ and select the Entry Pack pdf  (bottom of page).
Please submit the form, with ASA number, contact details and exact payment (cheques to Ilkeston Swimming Club) or e-mail entry details, confirming ISC bacs payment, to:

Red Kangaroo – Xmas Party

Thanks to those that have already paid and completed the online waiver.
If you haven’t done so already the remaining £5 balance needs to be paid by Thursday 20th December. This can be paid by cash/cheque or Bacs.
Please also refer to email sent that the online waiver must be completed before any participant can take part.
If you have any queries please see Steph or Victoria.