Jamie Rigby Gala – Team Selection

8th June 2019 at Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre, Nottingham – Warm Up 5.30pm
GIRLS                                           BOYS
Felicity Dobbs                          William Radford
Annie Poyner                            Adam Hill
Freya Miller                               Aaron Wood
Ella Sloan                                    Rory McKeown
Emmi Charlesworth               Leo Charlesworth
Maisie Dorrington                   Alfie Brown
McKinley Cotton                      Oliver Macey
Arwen Moore                            Finley O’Neill
Caoimbhe Kirkland               Louie Stadler
Alicia Bull                                    Fred Buckingham
Erin Pickard                                Leo Allanson
Erica Beharall                             Lewis Brown
Eja Coe                                           George Buckingham
Delainey Cotton                         James Wright
Holly Dobbs                                Ryan Kirk
Erin Miller                                    Daniel Sloan
Eve Beharall                                 Charlie Palmer
Sophie Jackson                          William Wright
Sophie King                                  Owen Sheehan
Abi King
Katie Sloan
Krissy Tomlinson

Message from Head Coach Richard:  This is a very important Gala in memory of ISC swimmer Jamie Rigby and important that everyone attends.  It would also be great if those ISC swimmers not selected this time could come along to support their Team in memory of Jamie.  Thank you.

If any selected swimmers are not available, then please let Richard know by 10th May otherwise he will assume that you will be there and ready for some fast swimming!


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